Kanguru Wireless Presenters Mouse

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The Kanguru Presenters Mouse combines a wireless mouse/laser pointer, PowerPoint presenter, and a PC Multimedia remote control offering the ultimate solution for professionals who make presentations. It gives the presenter the ability to be mobile and easily go through their presentation without having to be next to the computer. You can play movie/sound files, scroll through presentations and click on important notes from a distance of up to 100 feet. It works 360 degrees around your laptop or PC for incredible ease of use! The Kanguru Presenters Mouse works with Windows and Macintosh without any device drivers.

Kanguru Model #: KMOUSE-PRES2

Quick Overview

    • 4 functions in 1: 
      • Wireless Mouse
      • Power Point Presenter Device
      • PC Multimedia Remote Control
      • Laser Pointer
    • Lightweight, Portable Design
    • Plug and Play Compatible
    • Driverless Operation 

Multimedia Controls:

Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Volume up, Volume down and Mute. Multimedia support for Windows Media Center and Apple iTunes only.

Seeking Solutions For Your Particular Industry?

• Government & Military

• Healthcare, Medical

• Financial, Banking

• Non-Profit Organizations

• Education

• Small / Medium Business

• Home & Personal Use