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Kanguru Defender Anti-Virus Subscription

Purchase a One (1) Year, Two (2) Year or Three (3) Year Anti-Virus subscription license for any Kanguru Defender® Secure USB drive, providing world-class Anti-Virus protection for your data.  Detect and fix any virus issues before copying data to Kanguru Defender® secure, hardware encrypted USB flash drives, hard drives or SSDs.


Kanguru Defender Anti-Virus protection
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Key Features

  • Onboard Anti-Virus
  • Powered by BitDefender®
  • Real-time virus and malware scanning
  • Scan any host PC for viruses & malware
  • Automatically checks for updates
  • Free definition updates for 1, 2 and 3 years

Anti-Virus Subscription Supports the Following Devices:

Full Product Description

Kanguru Solutions, manufacturer of secure, portable IT storage solutions, and BitDefender®, an award-winning provider of anti-malware security solutions, have partnered to provide world-class anti-virus protection to Kanguru Defender® secure flash drives, secure hard drives and secure solid state drives.
The addition of BitDefender's Anti-Virus protection further enhances the Defender device security with real-time virus and malware scanning. These anti-malware features prevent the drive from being used to spread malicious programs to unsuspecting host computers.

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