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Kanguru Solutions is an industry pioneer providing secure portable storage, device management applications, duplication equipment and more. We’re a solutions-oriented company, and continue to develop cutting-edge technology to help organizations worldwide meet their data storage and duplication needs.

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Secure Encrypted flash drives (also known as pen drives, usb sticks, thumb drives, or flash keys) – including our trademark Defender® Line – can be used with Kanguru remote management to assist organizations in meeting tough data security compliance regulations, while providing a convenient, robust solution for securing portable and mobile data around the world.

Kanguru Duplicators provide organizations with a quick, convenient way to duplicate or clone hard drives, solid state drives, DVDs, CDs, and USB flash drives.

Standard USB Drives: Kanguru also offers a line of unencrypted flash drives, including the FlashTrust, secure firmware USB flash drive that protects against malware threats like badusb.

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