Making Secure Data Portability Easy

The Kanguru Defender Series makes data portability and security simple by offering a convenient range of data protection options. From enterprise business and government applications to personal home use, there's a security solution available for you. Kanguru Defender Flash Drives secure your sensitive data easily with no software to install, or admin rights necessary because the encryption is built right into the device.

All Kanguru secure flash drives are AES-256 hardware-encrypted and offer convenient options like write-protect switches on select models, and FREE onboard antivirus protection. Additionally, the Kanguru Defender 2000™, Defender Elite™ and Defender V2™ comes Remote-Management-Ready with the option to remotely manage your device(s) from anywhere in the world, enabling you to be compliant with the most stringent government regulations and security laws. Visit our Remote Management options to learn more.

Which Secure Drive is Best for Your Business?

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All Kanguru Defender USB devices are:

  • AES 256-Bit Hardware Encrypted
  • Easy to Use
  • Tamper-Proof
  • Remotely Manageable (select models)
  • Protected by BitDefender Anti-Virus

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Remote Management Globe Remotely manage secure Defender devices from anywhere in the world with Kanguru Remote Management Console.™ Learn About KRMC

Did you Know That You Can Customize Your Kanguru Defender Secure Drive?

  • Add a Company Logo
  • Add Unique Identifiers
  • Add Text or Serial Numbers
  • Custom Colors (on Select Models)
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