Kanguru Flash Drive Caps

Quick Overview

Protect your flash drive from dust & damage when not in use.

Did you know?

Your clear flash drive cap can snap onto the back end of your flash drive! This is a convenient, easy way to store the cap while it is plugged in so it does not get lost.

Kanguru Defender Flash Drive Cap

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Kanguru Model #s:

    • Clear Cap For: Defender Elite, Defender Basic+, Defender V2, Defender DualTrust, FlashBlu2
      • small housing ( #CAP-KDF-S)   
      • large housing ( #CAP-KDF-L)
    • Defender 2000 Bronze Cap
      • small housing ( #CAP-KDF2000-S)
      • large housing ( #CAP-KDF2000-L)
    • Kanguru SS3 Cap
      • ( #CAP-SS3)

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