Scale Still Unknown Regarding Major Cyber Security Attack On U.S. Government and Private Sector

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“This is probably one of the biggest and most dangerous breaches we’ve seen so far,” says Susan Ferrechio, Chief Congressional  Correspondent for the Washington Examiner on a Fox News panel with Bret Baier. The latest cyber security attack, the scale of which is unknown and is perhaps still ongoing, has every indication of being one of the worst cyber security breaches in the Government and private sector. U.S. Officials have stated that they still do not know what they don’t know, and to what extent this breach has compromised sensitive and critical data. There is no doubt that the safest place to store and conduct business with sensitive data is on locally-stored secure USB, locked away from internet access and foreign hackers.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — December 18, 2020

USB 3.0 Vs. USB 3.1 Vs. USB 3.2: What’s The Difference?

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Advancements in USB3 interface technology over the last decade has led to steady improvements in data transfer rates, though each update has been ambiguous in its branding and marketing terminology. Kanguru breaks down the differences between USB 3.0, USB 3.1 and USB 3.2 and their naming conventions.

Written by Ken Lee — September 22, 2020

Can BYOD Work As A Secure Environment In The Age of Coronavirus?

Kanguru has ideal data security solutions for organizations looking to secure data in a new, coronavirus, BYOD, remote environment.

The Age of Coronavirus has forced most businesses and organizations to rethink working from home and remote working. Kanguru has a variety of convenient options for organizations looking for solid solutions that can help them enforce security policies, and maintain best practices in a BYOD environment.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — August 13, 2020

How Kanguru Helps Organizations Improve Their Data Security

Read about how Kanguru solutions helps organizations around the world easily secure their data

Organizations are finding it difficult and costly to keep up with the ever-changing, shifting sands of data security. Kanguru makes it easy by offering great, flexible, affordable solutions that secure data quickly and easily, and we've been doing it for over 25 years. See Kanguru's ideal solutions and contact us to learn more about securing data for your organization.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — July 13, 2020

Securing Your Data: Peace Of Mind Through the Insecurities of Covid-19 & Beyond

Kanguru Defender hardware encrypted flash drives are an excellent way to ensure security for your dataKanguru Blog - May 2020: If there’s one thing that the Coronavirus is teaching us, it is the importance of securing the things we value. During a global pandemic, there is a heightened understanding of vulnerability from many different directions.  We seek out ways to secure what is important to us, and provide us with peace of mind. Kanguru knows the importance of securing data and can help you navigate the stormy waters of online cyber-threats elevated by the coronavirus, and beyond it. 

Written by Kanguru Solutions — May 06, 2020

Watch Out For Coronavirus COVID-19 Scammers

Coronavirus COVID-19 imageCoronavirus is spreading more than just a global health risk, scammers are coming out of their burrows to profit off of fear and the misfortune of others. Vigilance is the key here. Protect your personal information, and your money from these phishing emails, scamming phone calls and nefarious charity scams associating themselves with COVID-19.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — March 12, 2020

FBI Says Cybercrime Profits Reached An All-Time High For Cyber-Criminals in 2019

FBI Says Cybercrime Profits Reached An All-Time High For Cyber-Criminals in 2019

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received nearly 500,000 complaints in the U.S. in 2019, recording more than $3,500,000,000 billion in lost dollars or revenue to victims of cyber-criminals. This number is staggering and continues to rise. Kanguru helps organizations, businesses and individuals become more knowledgeable in securing information that can help protect data from cyber thieves, saving money and reputation.  Learn more about Kanguru's solutions that can help you protect against cybercrime, data breach, fraud and viruses. Don't be the next victim of criminals.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — February 12, 2020

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