Kanguru Adds Great New KRMC Features for Administrators Based on Customer Feedback

An Administrator manages her organization's secure USB drives containing encrypted dataAt Kanguru we listen and appreciate the feedback of our customers, and in an effort to continue providing great value to the Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC), we've added some great additions to the console to give Administrators even better, more convenient control to manage the security attributes of their organization's secure Defender® USB drives. 

Written by Kanguru Solutions — March 29, 2017

Healthcare Insurer Forced to Pay $2.2M for HIPAA Violations

Gavel comes down hard on HIPAA violations for Life Insurance company non-compliance

An unsecured device stolen from the IT department of a life insurance company, will end up costing the organization $2.2 million dollars in fines due to a data breach and non-compliance. The incident underscores just how important it is for companies to use hardware encrypted, secure data storage drives and remote management to secure sensitive information.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — January 23, 2017

Scrooge’s Data Security Policy List

Ebenezer Scrooge ChristmasEbenezer had a change of heart after he was visited by three ghosts to help him see how his past, present and future Christmases were/are/would be affected by his stingy attitude toward his fellow man. The message was clear, and Scrooge (and his more modern pal, the Grinch) eventually figured out that kindness was a far better way to go. But Mr. Dickens probably couldn't conceive of the data security dangers the kind folks of today are facing from hackers who are taking advantage of their kindness.  Kanguru  brings its own three advisors of counsel to share what the transformed Ebenezer Scrooge's Data Security Policy might be for us in today's day and age...

Written by Kanguru Solutions — December 23, 2015

Migrating Your Operating System from HDD to SSD

KanguruClone SATA Pro Hard Drive DuplicatorLooking for a way to easily migrate an HDD to an SSD?  Do you need to resize and copy the contents from a larger capacity drive to a smaller capacity drive?  Kanguru now offers a way to make an exact copy of your operating system to a smaller operating system,  for easy resizing and duplicating of data. This option is perfect for organizations who wish to migrate their Hard Drives to more efficient Solid State Drives.

Written by Ken Lee — September 07, 2016

Five Tips for Improving Your Organization's Data Security

Hackers want your information, and are willing to go to great lengths to get it.  Kanguru goes to even greater lengths to protect you.Regular improvements to data security measures is essential in today's technology-driven world. As organizations grow, data accumulates and technology changes, additional risks can open up that could be detrimental for organizations and private agencies alike if not managed properly. However, Kanguru encrypted storage devices offer organizations of all sizes and backgrounds multiple and scalable security options to mitigate those risks and maintain security for years to come. Here are five tips for improving your organization's data security.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — June 28, 2016

What Historic Data Breaches Can Teach Us...

data breachLarge and small alike, organizations are being targeted by sophisticated security breaches.  With information traveling in and out of an organization and around the world, it’s no wonder organizations have a difficult time organizing and protecting it all. Companies like Kanguru continue to develop highly-secure and convenient solutions that help protect data and infrastructure.  Organizations that proactively research the strong protective solutions available and implement good data security measures can severely reduce, if not eliminate risks and protect their organization.  

Written by Kanguru Solutions — June 03, 2016

Could Kanguru Endpoint Protector Protect Your Reputation?

Protect your organization from today's digital attacksA reputable organization will take measures to protect their customer's personal information, sensitive company data and infrastructure. With organizations facing an ambush of today's attacks like malware, ransomware, viruses and even human error, unprotected organizations could be dealing with more than just damage to a network or a leak of sensitive data. It could possibly ruin a reputation as clients begin to lose trust in the organization. With Kanguru Endpoint Protector, organizations can enforce security policies, protect against attacks, fend off human error, report on violations and much more.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — April 15, 2016

Campus Study Shows Importance of Protecting Against Any Trojan Horse-type Attack

Kanguru Endpoint Protector helps organizations protect their infrastructure from any type of attackAs today’s global technologies become more widely-used and accessible, the potential for threats by criminals gets more and more complex, and the need for vigilant and enforced security policies becomes more important than ever. The good news is that for proactive organizations who maintain security with sensible Endpoint protection are protected from those risks. The bad news is that organizations that leave their gates wide open to anyone could be inviting serious trouble.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — April 12, 2016

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