Researchers Find A USB Flash Drive In Frozen Seal Poo

Baby seal on a beach
Kanguru Blog Post: Scientists studying the health and diet of leopard seals in New Zealand find a mysterious USB flash drive among a sample of seal poo, which had been frozen for over a year.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — February 05, 2019

Enterprise Security Names Kanguru Among Top Ten Encryption Solution Providers

Kanguru Named Among The Top 10 Encryption Providers 2018PRESS Press Release: Millis, MA, USA – January 9, 2019 (Business Wire) – Kanguru has been named among the Top Ten Encryption Solution Providers by Enterprise Security Magazine for 2018. Kanguru Solutions is an industry leader easing the information security concerns of organizations around the world with unparalleled data encryption products.

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Written by Kanguru Solutions — January 09, 2019

Ten Superhero Ways To Protect Your Data From Getting Hacked

Ten Superhero Ways To Protect Your Data From Getting Hacked
Data-greedy villains are constantly lurking in the shadows, ready to take full advantage of their next victim, preying on every opportunity they can to uncover and get their hands on personal data for their own personal gain. The good news is that with education, awareness, and a little savvy, you can be a superhero to protect yourself, your family, and your organization from these scoundrels.  Here are ten evil tricks hackers use to steal your information, and ten superhero power punches to thwart their evil ways.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — April 25, 2018

Is Your Data Really Safe in the Cloud?

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Hackers are getting better and better at compromising sensitive information stored in the cloud. Many security-wise organizations are turning to a more hybrid solution that separates the administrative aspects from the sensitive data itself. Kanguru Remote Management provides organizations with the tools of managing encrypted devices containing sensitive data through a cloud interface, while the information itself is secured under locally-stored, encrypted, password-protected USB drives away from hackers. Kanguru's robust, secure system uses FIPS 140-2 Validated Encryption Communications to remotely manage Defender® hardware encrypted drives anywhere in the world, providing dynamic security and great convenience.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — March 09, 2018

The Easy Way To Migrate Your Organization To A New Operating System (OS)

Migrate to new OS easily using Kanguru Duplicators
Large organizations, like a large ship, often cannot make "hard-to-port" turns too quickly. When a new Operating System upgrade is in order on workstations throughout an organization, it can be a daunting and extremely time-consuming task for IT department staff. However, Kanguru duplicators can make it easy.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — March 06, 2018

Heathrow Airport Becomes The Next Highly Sensitive Data Breach From A Lost, Unsecured USB Stick

USB Stick left on a sidewalkEvery year it seems another unsecured USB stick becomes the subject of a highly sensitive data breach in an environment that should have been restricted to hardware encrypted USB drives.  Flash drives are convenient because they can transfer information quickly, easily and efficiently and there is a time and place for non-encrypted flash drives, but a critical secure environment is not one of them.  Kanguru Defender® hardware encrypted drives are made for high-security environments. The incident at Heathrow Airport once again underscores the importance for organizations transferring highly sensitive information to restrict and secure the data on encrypted, password-protected USB.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — October 30, 2017

Equifax Experiences Historic Data Breach; Taking Unprecedented Action Offering Free ID Theft Protection


Equifax historic data breach and cybersecurity: sensitive data on the internetNearly half of the United States population may have had their personal information exposed in an historic data breach with one of the three largest credit-reporting bureaus. In an unprecedented step, Equifax is offering every U.S. consumer a comprehensive package of identity theft protection, and credit file monitoring at no cost, along with a special call center. This incident once again underscores cybersecurity issues, and raises questions about the vulnerability of sensitive information with access to the internet, regardless of cybersecurity efforts.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — September 08, 2017

Kanguru Adds Great New KRMC Features for Administrators Based on Customer Feedback

An Administrator manages her organization's secure USB drives containing encrypted dataAt Kanguru we listen and appreciate the feedback of our customers, and in an effort to continue providing great value to the Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC), we've added some great additions to the console to give Administrators even better, more convenient control to manage the security attributes of their organization's secure Defender® USB drives. 

Written by Kanguru Solutions — March 29, 2017

Healthcare Insurer Forced to Pay $2.2M for HIPAA Violations

Gavel comes down hard on HIPAA violations for Life Insurance company non-compliance

An unsecured device stolen from the IT department of a life insurance company, will end up costing the organization $2.2 million dollars in fines due to a data breach and non-compliance. The incident underscores just how important it is for companies to use hardware encrypted, secure data storage drives and remote management to secure sensitive information.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — January 23, 2017

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