Campus Study Shows Importance of Protecting Against Any Trojan Horse-type Attack

Kanguru Endpoint Protector helps organizations protect their infrastructure from any type of attackAs today’s global technologies become more widely-used and accessible, the potential for threats by criminals gets more and more complex, and the need for vigilant and enforced security policies becomes more important than ever. The good news is that for proactive organizations who maintain security with sensible Endpoint protection are protected from those risks. The bad news is that organizations that leave their gates wide open to anyone could be inviting serious trouble.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — April 12, 2016

Have Huge Duplication Needs? No Problem with Kanguru's Daisy-Chain Duplicator Connectivity

Kanguru Daisy Chain Duplicator ConnectivityEver needed to duplicate up to 900,000 DVDs at once? With Kanguru daisy-chain enabled duplicators you can! Daisy-chain duplicators offer a great amount of flexibility for those who have very large duplication needs. IT Administrators, Digital Media Publishers, Marketing Agencies and Music Producers all find Kanguru daisy-chain duplicators to be a convenient, scalable solution and a great asset for their business.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — March 25, 2016

The Convenience of the Cloud, with the Security of Encrypted USB

Cloud storage provides the ability to store and access digital data from anywhere in the world, but there are some downsides. Thankfully, Kanguru provides a fully integrated hardware /software security model that combines the convenience of the Cloud with the robust protection of encrypted USB, further protecting organizations from the vulnerabilities of cloud outages or online insecurities.  Data can be secure, anytime, anywhere.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — February 10, 2016

Kanguru’s New Defense Mechanism: Defender® Self-Service Password Management

Kanguru Self-Service Password Management tool for Defender Secure USB drivesPasswords are still one of the best ways to protect and secure information, but for IT administrators of organizations managing a fleet of secure USB drives around the world, forgetful staff members could overburden the manager with numerous password reset requests.  Self-Service Password Management puts the reset into the hands of the staff member, freeing the administrator and reducing overhead costs. 

Written by Kanguru Solutions — December 18, 2015

Manage Your Data Security and IT Department with KRMC - Kanguru Remote Management Console

Kanguru Remote Management Console

KRMC (Kanguru Remote Management Console) is a powerful way to manage secure USB devices containing sensitive data around the world. This  robust, "must have" program helps administrators keep track of the wherabouts of an organization's secure, hardware encrypted USB devices anywhere in the world.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — November 30, 2015

September 2015: A Busy Month for Cyber Attacks


Kanguru is a global leader in offering state-of-the-art data security management solutions to banking, government, educational institutions, and consumers. Kanguru continues to develop breakthrough data encryption products to safeguard against unforeseen cyber attacks. 


Written by Kanguru Solutions — October 29, 2015

Shifu – Cybercrime's Newest Banking Malware Terror

Bank of Japan Sign

Kanguru, an industry leader in data security, has developed a line of secure data storage devices capable of protecting data from dangerous Trojans such as Shifu. Kanguru's FIPS 140-2 Certified hardware encrypted USB drives with secure firmware technology and On-board Anti-Virus protection are ideal for heavy data sectors including banking, government, health care and educational institutions that may be a shining target for such types of malware attacks.


Written by Kanguru Solutions — September 28, 2015

Kanguru Launches Innovative FIPS 140-2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Physical Write Switch

Kanguru Defender Elite300 secure thumb drive with physical write protect switch"The new Kanguru Defender Elite300™ combines superior FIPS 140-2 Certification with convenient high-speed USB 3.0 data transfer rates and a unique physical write protect switch for high-security environments including government, health care and financial segments, and will exceed even the most demanding security regulations."

Written by Kanguru Solutions — September 21, 2015

Optimizing Risk Management of Data

Protect Against Risk Mnagement

Risk Management measures are put in place to prevent and reduce the severity of unexpected risks to an organization. Enterprise organizations that handle and store tremendous amounts of data are at risk of data theft or breach that could cost millions in legal lawsuits. To optimize Risk Management measures, organizations turn to Kanguru for elite data storage solutions.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — September 04, 2015

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