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KanguruClone Hard Drive Duplicator 11-HD Tower

The KanguruClone 11-HD Tower Hard Drive Duplicator is an affordable, easy to use, stand-alone tower hard drive duplicator. Copy up to 11 SATA drives or solid state drives simultaneously! With ultra-fast copy speeds of up to 6GB/min, the KanguruClone is one of the fastest and most affordable cloning systems available on the market today!

Kanguru Model #: KCLONE-11HD-TWR

Quick Overview


    • Multiple Copy Modes: Brief, Disk, Resize
    • Fast transfer rates – up to 6GB/min
    • Duplicate up to 11 hard drives simultaneously
    • Supports all major file systems
    • Secure Disk Wipe feature (Up to 999x) - Meets DOD 5220-22M guidelines
    • Tool-free rack design
    • Advanced tools and diagnostic features
    • Supports 3.5” SATA HDDs natively
    • Supports 2.5” SATA HDDs up to 9.5mm thickness with adapters
    • Supports SATA SSDs with adapters 
    • Includes 2pcs 2.5” to 3.5” HDD adapter cartridges (additional adapters sold separately)
    • Multiple UDMA mode support
    • System counter
    • Size and brand independent (Copy varying capacities and brands)
    • Space saving design
    • No PC required

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