Full Secure Remote Access to Your Corporate Office From Anywhere, at Anytime!

For organizations that need full data portability for off-site users, but still require high-end security, the Virtual Defender Series is the perfect solution, and it has never been easier.  Rather than carrying around heavy and unmanageable laptops that leave information vulnerable, the Virtual Defender series provides a secure platform environment for users to access a secure corporate desktop on any PC anywhere in the world.  Just simply plug in the device, turn on the computer, and you have secure mobile access to your corporate office anytime, anywhere.

Bypass vulnerabilities of any virus, malware or spyware that may exist on any PC with the Virtual Defender series. Conduct business, browse securely, and work remotely in a safe, secure environment.

Remote Management Globe Remotely manage secure Virtual Defender devices from anywhere in the world with Kanguru Remote Management Console.™ Learn About KRMC

Did you Know That You Can Customize Your Kanguru Virtual Defender Secure Drive?

  • Add a Company Logo
  • Add Unique Identifiers
  • Add Text or Serial Numbers
  • Pre-Load Custom Applications
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