Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC™) 5.0 Enterprise Edition

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The Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC)™ Enterprise Edition 5.0 is a powerful application that enables security administrators to remotely manage and control select Kanguru secure USB portable devices from anywhere in the world.  Remotely wipe or delete lost or stolen devices, limit invalid login attempts, create reports, restrict IP addresses, manage security updates, reset passwords, and much more.

Kanguru Model #: KRMC

Quick Overview
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Remotely Wipe / Delete Lost or Stolen Drives
  • Manage Password Strength and Length
  • Limit Invalid Login Attempts
  • Locate Devices via IP Addresses 
  • Set Master Password
  • Generate Reports
  • Optional USB Device Control 
  • and much more

Seeking Solutions For Your Particular Industry?

• Government & Military

• Healthcare, Medical

• Financial, Banking

• Non-Profit Organizations

• Education

• Small / Medium Business

• Home & Personal Use