Kanguru QS Slim BD-RE Blu-ray Burner

Product Summary

The Kanguru QS Slim BD-RE is an ultra-compact, portable optical drive that is powered by USB. This TAA Compliant Blu-ray Burner can burn Blu-rays, DVDs or CDs in a snap!

In addition, if your organization has concerns about the possibility of "badUSB", the firmware for the Kanguru QS Slim BD-RE Blu-ray Burner is protected, and cannot be modified or tampered by a third-party. If an intrusion of malware from third-party hacking is a concern within your organization, the Kanguru QS Slim drive is a protected firmware drive so it can be trusted on your computer or network.

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Kanguru Model #: U2-BDRW-SL


This product comes with a Standard 1 Year Limited Warranty

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