Kanguru FlashBlu30™ Lightning-Fast USB3.0 with Physical Write Protect Switch

Please Note: The 8GB Capacity for the Kanguru FlashBlu30 is currently on backorder.

Product Summary

The Kanguru FlashBlu30™ USB3.0 flash drive with physical write protect switch combines cost-effective data storage and convenience with lightning-fast data mobility. The super speed USB3.0 makes the Kanguru FlashBlu30 one of the fastest drives on the market with data transfer read speeds of up to 400MB per second and write speeds of up to 175MB per second (depending on capacity). The convenient physical write protect switch enables the user to quickly switch back and forth between read only and read/write modes to protect data from accidental overwriting or erasure.

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Kanguru Model #: ALK-FB30

  • Super Fast USB 3.0 (Maintains back compatibility with USB 2.0)
  • Physical Write protect switch
  • Windows “Ready Boost” compatible
  • Simple driverless setup
  • High-strength aluminum design
  • Custom engraving available for Bulk Orders Learn More