Kanguru Defender Elite300™ PRO Series, Hardware Encrypted Secure Flash Drive

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Product Summary

Sometimes strong AES 256-Bit Hardware Encryption at smaller capacities can result in slower read/write performance.  Performance can be enhanced to match that of higher capacity drives, depending on the type of USB connection and type of computer the client is using.  To boost the read/write data transfer rates for Kanguru's smaller capacity 4GB and/or 8GB drives, Kanguru developed the Defender® PRO series.  For clients that require faster speeds along with their hardware encryption at lower capacities, the Defender® PRO Series adds an extra boost of speed to provide the same level of performance as their higher capacity drive counterparts. The Defender Elite300 PRO Series offers Read speeds of up to 250 MB/sec., and Write speeds of up to 45 MB/sec. for the 4GB and 8GB capacity drives.

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Kanguru Model #: KDFE300 PRO Series