Flash Blu II™ with Physical Write Protect Switch - 4GB

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The Kanguru FlashBlu II™ offers affordable storage for people on the move. Its small, durable aluminum design is compact and light-weight making it the perfect way to carry your files from place to place. With a built-in physical write-protect switch, you can choose to protect your files from accidental overwrite by locking the drive in a "read-only" mode, or unlocking for full functionality.

Kanguru Model #: ALK


Quick Overview
  • Physical Write protect switch
  • Windows “Ready Boost” compatible
  • Simple driverless setup
  • High-strength aluminum design

Seeking Solutions For Your Particular Industry?

• Government & Military

• Healthcare, Medical

• Financial, Banking

• Non-Profit Organizations

• Education

• Small / Medium Business

• Home & Personal Use