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USB Hubs & Duplication Software

Kanguru Accessories

Expand your computer's USB capabilities with additional USB ports.  These compact, lightweight USB ports provide convenient extra ports to plug in multiple USB devices and are very simple to use.  Just plug in and go!

USB Ports

Kanguru 10-Port USB2.0 Hub

Create 10 additional  USB2.0 ports with the 10-port USB2.0 Hub.

Kanguru 7-Port USB3.0 Hub

Expand to 7 additional USB3.0 ports with the 7-Port USB3.0 hub.

Software with USB Hubs

Kanguru Copy Pro USB2.0 with USB2.0 Hub

This USB2.0 duplication software comes with a 10-port USB2.0 port.

Kanguru Copy Pro USB3.0 with USB3.0 Hub

This multi-port USB3.0 duplication software comes with a 7-port USB3.0 port.