Our Technology Partners

Absolute Identification, Inc. is an innovative provider of data protection software products and services that protect critical data throughout its entire lifecycle. Every Absolute ID solution employs technologies which create sophisticated, highly secure data that cannot be broken, dramatically enhancing data availability, confidentiality, and integrity and prevents unauthorized access or theft of digital data while providing a new total cost of ownership (TCO) for key management. Absolute Identification, Inc. partners with Kanguru to provide the Virtual Defender series of secure mobile computing platforms.

Belhara Security Systems, Inc. is pioneering a shift in secure mobile communication and data protection systems. The shift moves from one where enterprises operate with acceptable losses from fraud and cyber-crime simply due to the limitations of the historical digital security solutions, towards operating with total privacy, security and trust, where no loss is tolerated.

Belhara Partners with Kanguru on the RoIT Defender 2000 FinanceSafe device.

BitDefender is an industry leading provider of internationally certified security software. As the spread of malware and viruses through USB devices has become more and more prevalent, the integration with BitDefender's award winning technology onto the Kanguru Defender product family has been well received by customers. In addition to being able to protect the Kanguru device from malware/virus infections, the BitDefender module can also be used to scan the host machine the device is plugged into. 


Deepnet Security is a leading developer of multi-factor authentication and anti-phishing solutions. Its award-winning product, DualShield Unified Authentication Platform, provides two-factor and two-way authentication for a wide range of enterprise, web and cloud applications in one single security platform, and supports a wide selection of authentication methods including tokens, smartcards, certificates, biometrics and device DNA.”

Rackspace is the world's leader in enterprise-level hosting, with over 99,000 customers globally. Backed by a 100% network up-time guarantee, secure managed hosting capabilities, and an international Cloud hosting platform, Rackspace is a trusted hosting partner for Kanguru's Remote Management Console infrastructure.

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As an industry leader, Kanguru is a solutions-driven manufacturer of secure, hardware encrypted data storage devices, robust remote management tools, flash drives, duplication equipment and more.

Proud Manufacturer of Quality Products

  • Highly Secure, Government-Certified Flash Drives
  • Highly Secure, Government-Certified External Drives
  • Quick & Easy-to-Use Duplication Systems
  • Convenient USB Devices
  • Remote Management Tools
  • Presentation Tools
  • Optical Drives