The World’s Fastest, and Most Secure Hard Drive Has Arrived-
The Kanguru Defender HDD/SSD™

With Super-Fast USB3.0 and powerful 256 AES Hardware Encryption (XTS-Mode),
the Defender HDD/SSD is simply your best choice for locking down sensitive data
from unauthorized access.

The Defender HDD/SSD is your best choice for super-fast speed and powerful security features to lock down sensitive data. You simply will not find a faster, more secure Hard Drive or Solid State Drive anywhere else. If you are looking for a super-fast, and powerfully-secure hard drive or solid state drive, look no further. The Kanguru Defender HDD/SSD is your best choice! With government-grade security features, the fastest USB3.0 transfer rates on the market, and the option to remotely manage the drive from anywhere in the world, you simply will not find a better alternative to lock down sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Having the Defender HDD/SSD eliminates expensive, ongoing fees of cloud storage, provides lightning fast transfer rates, and locks down your information putting you in full control of when and where your sensitive information is stored. It’s perfect especially for those moments when you may not have access to the internet.

The Defender HDD/SSD is very simple and easy to use, with no software to install, and no admin rights necessary. In the background is a powerful cryptographic engine to ensure your data remains secure. With lightning-fast USB3.0 speed and reliability, it also retains compatibility with USB2.0 for added convenience. The drive is available in generous capacities of 500GB and 1TB for the secure Hard Drive option, or 128GB and 256GB in the secure Solid State Drive. With no moving parts, the SSD option is an excellent “green” alternative as it significantly lowers energy consumption and improves performance over standard hard drives, providing a powerful security solution with superb speed and performance.

Check out these great features:

  • Powerful government-grade 256-bit AES (XTS-Mode) Hardware-Encryption
  • Lightning-fast USB3.0 (backwards-compatible with USB2.0)
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection
  • 1 year FREE Subscription of AV Definition Updates
  • Built-in Physical Protections
  • Configurable Password Protection
  • Remotely Manageable (optional)


With the optional Remote Management capabilities, IT administrators have the added ability to centrally / remotely manage the Defender HDD from anywhere in the world, along with other Kanguru secure Defender flash drives and devices. Imagine being able to track, instantly delete or wipe stolen or lost devices, enforce strong password rules, and make software updates for an entire fleet of hard drives and flash drives. Where ordinary hard drives are unprotected, sensitive data would be at the mercy of employees who may not be mindful of security, leaving data uncontrolled and vulnerable to loss, theft and data breach. But the Defender HDD/SSD used in conjunction with the Kanguru Remote Management tools give IT administrators ultimate control over all Defender HDD/SSD and Defender Secure Flash Drives from anywhere in the world.

The Kanguru Defender HDD/SSD is simply the best solution for public sector, corporate and home users looking to comply with even the most stringent security policies and government regulations regarding sensitive data.

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