Have A Good Disaster Preparedness Plan For Your Data

Preparing for adverse events now before they happen is a task that most will delay, but when it comes to securing important data, it's certainly a necessary one.  Keep your important information from becoming an even greater disaster with these valuable tips.

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Written by Kanguru Solutions — March 28, 2014

Another Hospital Loses an Unsecured Flash Drive Containing Personal Patient Data

In this day and age of affordable, highly secure USB drives, remote management of portable USB devices, strict HIPAA regulations, and stiff fines placed on unsecured data, one would think that their personal healthcare information is safe.  But some healthcare facilities may still be operating with wild abandon - and could be well on their way to a costly data breach.

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Written by Kanguru Solutions — December 11, 2013

"We Are Writing To Inform You Of An Incident..."

A data breach could be one of the worst disasters to come upon an organization.  All organizations deal with sensitive information in some form or another.  This post breaks down the disastrous components of a real-life breach of data, and demonstrates how the cost of putting strong security measures in place are minimal compared to the lethal cost of a single data breach.

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Written by Kanguru Solutions — August 28, 2013

Defending Against Malware in a BYOD Environment

Defending Against Malware in a BYOD Environment White Paper"Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) is one of the hottest trends in IT this year.  While BYOD has many advantages, including reduced overhead costs, it can also lead to an increased vulnerability to malware and other security threats.  Kanguru has designed solutions to address these concerns and create a safe environment for online access in a BYOD system.

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Written by Kanguru Solutions — June 26, 2013

Following Best Security Practices Can Ensure Sensitive Data is Protected

CIO Magazine highlights the Kanguru Defender family of encrypted flash drives as a great way to protect against data breaches. Along with secure USB drives, Kanguru also provides great management tools to make securing sensitive data easier than ever and enabling organizations to follow best security practices.

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Written by Kanguru Solutions — June 03, 2013

Education Yes, But What Else Can Be Done To Help Prevent Sensitive Data Breach on Flash Drives?

secure lock icon for Kanguru Hardware Encrypted DrivesBusinesses, Medical / Educational Facilities and Financial Organizations are working to educate their staff, faculty and employees about the dangers of using unencrypted flash drives for transferring sensitive company information, but there are still a lot of data breach stories out there.  Using hardware encrypted, secure flash drives is the key to prevention, but what else can be done, and are organizations getting through?

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Written by Kanguru Solutions — May 07, 2013

Kanguru Solutions Proudly Announces New USB Duplicators

Kanguru Solutions proudly announces new USB duplicatorsKanguru Solutions is proud to announce the latest addition to its line of stand-alone USB2.0 duplication systems, the Kanguru USB Duplicator model U2D2, with 31, 23, 15, and 7 Target Units.

Written by Ken Lee — January 11, 2013

Kanguru Solutions & Belhara Security Systems Launch Powerful, Secure Remote Desktop Device

Kanguru Solutions and Belhara Security Systems, Inc., have launched a powerful, new device that will assist organizations with lightning-fast remote access to their corporate desktop, securing against the accelerating rise of cyberattacks.  The Kanguru RocIT™ Defender 2000™ FinanceSafe™ answers the need for more robust security without sacrificing the convenience of conducting off-site business in an efficient and easy to use manner.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — December 19, 2012

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