Educational Institutions' Answer to Securing Data Storage

Educational institutions are being targeted more and more, by hackers aiming to get their hands on confidential student and faculty data. The rise in data breaches continues to escalate each and every year. Here's a look at what educational organizations can do to arm themselves.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — July 06, 2015

Data Breach on the Rise, Arm Yourself with Kanguru USB Security

Arm yourself against data breach

In a hyper competitive world, everyone is out to get ahead. Some are even willing and unethical enough to steal from others. Piracy and online hacking is becoming rampant in this digital age. Millions and millions of dollars are being lost by companies to clean up a mess that could have been avoided. Arm yourself with Kanguru security to defender against data breach.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — June 02, 2015

Medical Facility Loses a Rock

Kanguru, The data security solution to medical healthcare facilities worst nightmare: data breach

Losing a rock, of course, is not big news, in fact, it’s quite a boring story. However, had the IT administrator of a medical office had a Kanguru Secure USB Drive Strategy in place, the data breach could have been reported as just that – a complete non-issue. But unfortunately for nearly 40,000 patients, the stolen USB device containing their social security numbers, and other sensitive, personal health records was not secure, leaving their medical history open for all the world to see – which becomes a really big, embarrassing, and costly deal very fast...

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Written by Kanguru Solutions — May 28, 2015

Go Big. Go Kanguru.

Kanguru, The data security solution to medical healthcare facilities nightmare: data breachData security is much more than about protecting data, it's also about building trust. Go Big with data protection to show clients, patients and staff that their data security and privacy protection is of the utmost importance to your organization. Kanguru helps organizations cast a wide, and very effective net over data protection, to build trust with patients and provide the convenience necessary to conduct business day-to-day.


Written by Kanguru Solutions — April 30, 2015

Kanguru FlashTrust Protects Against the Threat of Firmware-Based Attack

Kanguru FlashTrust protects against any threat of firmware-Bbased attack like badusbFlashTrust is part of a next generation of standard USB Flash drives by Kanguru to protect against potential threats of firmware-based attacks like "badUSB". The durable, aluminum housing, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and digitally-signed secure firmware is a perfect, affordable option for organizations that may worry about malware.


Written by Kanguru Solutions — January 07, 2015

Prevent BadUSB - USB Firmware Protection from Kanguru

  Prevent BadUSB - USB Firmware Protection from Kanguru

Security researchers recently pointed out a potential threat to USB technology, siting any peripheral, from USB keyboards, webcams, printers and computer mice, to flash drives could be vulnerable to what they call "BadUSB". Some may now worry that secure flash drives may not be as secure as once thought. The truth is, they are in fact more secure than ever...


Written by Kanguru Solutions — August 29, 2014

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