Uber logoMillis, MA, USA – September 27, 2018 – According to the California Department of Justice, a settlement into an investigation is forcing the rideshare company Uber to pay $148 million dollars for not reporting, and covering up a data breach that took place back in 2016.  According to the New York Attorney general, the fine is one of the biggest settlements nationwide across all 50 states including the District of Columbia, and will be split among each state.

The breach was not realized until an investigation in 2017, when allegations discovered that Uber had “paid off hackers” by paying out $100,000 dollars to destroy the stolen data and had not informed their customers that their personal data was stolen. The data breach involved the personal information of over 57 million rideshare users, including driver’s license information, email addresses, and phone numbers.

As a result, several executives in the company were fired, and new management brought in along with a new chief privacy officer and a new chief trust & security officer.  The company has since vowed to turn over a new leaf with new robust data security practices, complying with state laws in data collection, maintenance and safeguarding, and exhibiting transparency, integrity and accountability in incident reporting.


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Written by Kanguru Solutions — September 27, 2018

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