Team Halodata, distributor from Singapore, visits Team Kanguru in Massachusetts, USA

Kanguru was proud to welcome team Halodata to our offices in Massachusetts, USA.  Halodata is our valued distributor partner in Singapore/Indonesia. Arif Budiman Bastian, Head of Technical Sales, and Hwee Chee Koh, Senior Sales Manager of Halodata came for their first visit to the U.S., and to meet the Kanguru team.  Although it was much colder than they are used to here in wintery New England, they really enjoyed seeing the 16" of snow we had just received from a freshly fallen snowstorm.

"That's a lot of snow!" says Arif and Hwee, "I've never seen so much snow!"

  It was a pleasure to meet Arif Budiman Bastian and Hwee Chee Koh.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — March 11, 2019

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