Kanguru Defender DualTrust Online Secure Environment

Why You Need It

Nowadays it’s almost routine to make purchases, do your taxes, pay bills, or check your investment portfolio online over the internet.  Have you ever worried that a virus or spyware could be lurking somewhere in the background of that PC?  It’s not as improbable as one might think.  Viruses and spyware could be unknowingly downloaded or deposited by countless sources to your PC, allowing them to track your every move. But with the launch of the new Defender DualTrust, Kanguru introduces a new, innovative tool in the fight against hackers. The Kanguru Defender DualTrust  provides the user with a secure online browsing environment that thwarts any chance identity thieves have of gathering information about you online.

Kanguru has combined trusted AES 256-bit hardware encryption technology and powerful anti-virus scanning with a secure Chromium browsing environment to protect your online sessions. It enables you to lock down your important, sensitive files by saving them to the secure, hardware encrypted drive. The Defender DualTrust allows you to safely browse the internet at home, at the office work or on any other PC, and conveniently save all of your sensitive files to the Defender DualTrust in complete confidence.

Because the DualTrust bypasses the host PC, you can browse confidently knowing that your online session is completely sheltered from any viruses that might exist on the PC you’re connected to. All of the data stored on the Defender DualTrust are password protected and locked safely away to the encrypted device, which keeps your sensitive information out of the hands of unauthorized users.

How It Works

The Defender DualTrust looks like an ordinary flash drive, but contained within are powerful, security features.  When you connect your DualTrust for the first time, you must set a user password. The user password must be authenticated each time you use the DualTrust.  Once authenticated, the DualTrust goes to work creating a secure browsing session that completely bypasses the operating system on the host PC.  When the secure session is created, you are directed to an online start page within the secure browser and then you are ready to go.  You can now safely browse, do your taxes, pay bills, invest, bank or shop online in a completely secure session.   No trace of your online session will be left behind on the host computer(s).  It’s that simple!  You can also save files to your secure, hardware encrypted DualTrust device and take all of your files with you to use on other PCs.

Three Great Features to Protect Against Potential Security Threats

AES 256-bit Hardware Encrypted Storage
With this powerful feature, you know that your stored data and browsing session is secure.  Even if you were to accidentally lose your DualTrust or if it was stolen, your important files cannot be accessed or compromised by unwanted intruders.

Secure Browsing Environment
Your secure browser session is protected from unknown threats lurking on the host computer.

On-Board Antivirus with Real-Time Scanning
With On-board Antivirus and real-time scanning, you can be assured that any files stored on the device are free and protected from virus or malware-infected files.


Who Should Use It?

The Defender DualTrust offers a total solution for individuals who want to safely browse the web without worrying about things like viruses, spyware or malware potentially lurking on a host computer.  The Kanguru Defender DualTrust is an excellent, affordable solution for both small businesses and homes alike for making your private information and browsing sessions secure.

The Defender DualTrust is available in 8GB and 16GB capacities.

Check out the Defender DualTrust at kanguru.com!

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wheres the image?

Written by Kanguru Solutions — February 20, 2013

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