A recent article in Security Week outlined a dramatic increase in malware sent via e-mail.  This after the takedown of the Rustock Botnet.  Methods of spreading the malware included fake "parcel tracking information" mimicking those from UPS and DHL, PDF file attachments with script malware, explicit PowerPoint presentations and more. 

The take away from this report is to maintain a regularly updated anti-virus on your computer, scan e-mail documents before opening them, and be wary of any suspicious attachments/e-mails. 

If you work on computers that do not have anti-virus installed, you can carry a mobile anti-virus program on your Kanguru Defender Elite, Defender V2 or Defender Basic which allows you to scan any files you transfer between the unprotected computer and your flash drive.  It's a great added layer of security, protecting your mobile documents from becoming a carrier of malicious programs.

Written by Kanguru — October 31, 2012

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