Dark Reading highlights the growing number of cyber-attacks against law firms.  The law firms themselves may not always be the primary target in these attacks.  Rather, the thieves are often going after all the data pertaining to the firm's corporate clients.  A law firm may collect massive amounts of data during the e-discovery process and the data is not always well protected.

Firms sometimes use thumb drives to gather this information. "I attended a program on e-discovery where someone from a law firm was talking about ... how [people] were collecting information on thumb drives and then taking it back to the law firm. It was very insecure ... a very informal kind of ad hoc process, with really no security built in," Thomson says.

Kanguru has first-hand experience securing flash drives for legal firms.  Our encrypted devices and remote management software ensure that all data stored on thumb drives is locked down automatically, both within the firm's network and out at client sites.  In addition, Kanguru's USB Device Control software prevents users from bringing in unsecure flash drives and using them on the network.  Built-in Anti-virus scanners protect each thumb drive in real-time so that no trojans or other malware can infiltrate the firm's database.

Find out more at: https://www.kanguru.com/index.php/flash-management/krmc

Written by Kanguru — October 31, 2012

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