Kanguru is pleased to announce that its next-generation Hard Drive Duplicator is now available!

The new Kanguru Hard Duplicator is a high speed, stand-alone SATA hard drive duplicator available in 5- and 14- Target models.  With ultra-fast copy speeds of up to 9GB/min, the Kanguru HDD Duplicatior is one of the fastest cloning systems in the world.

Hard Drive Duplicators are great for rolling out a new OS or master image, as well as creating backups and securely wiping old hard drives.  The easy-to-use menu allows you to get up and running in minutes.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="622" caption="Kanguru 14-Target HDD Duplicator"]Kanguru 14-Target HDD Duplicator[/caption]

Written by Kanguru — October 31, 2012

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