Many organizations are looking for new ways to increase the productivity of offsite users.  This no longer includes just the field team, but is now including more general employees who can be enabled to work from home.  The US Government is extending its Telework policy with this sort of flexible arrangement in mind.

Security and managability are key issues to consider in a Telework policy.  Kanguru and Absolute ID have designed the RocIT Defender virtual platform with these priorities in mind.

1. Secure, Portable Operating System on a hardware encrypted flash drive.  (FIPS 140-2 version available)

2. Not vulnerable to infection by malware and viruses on untrusted machines. Device can bypass all of this!

3. Can be remotely managed: delete lost or stolen drives, update files on device, etc.

4. Lower total cost of ownership with stronger security than notebook and tablet computers.

Find out more about the RocIT Defender "PC on a Stick" at our website.

Written by Kanguru — October 31, 2012

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