Dark Reading asks "Could USB Flash Drives Be Your Enterprise's Weakest Link?"  The question was prompted by new details about a US Military security breach caused by USB malware.  The virus was brought in on a USB flash drive and then spread throughout the network.

A large part of the fight to keep organizations secure against such mobile devices is the education of employees. Because USB flash drives can aid productivity, getting employees to abandon them is difficult, as the Pentagon discovered. Instead, using technologies such as encryption, role-based authentication and data-leakage protection can help reduce the threat posed by flash drives.

Because of this incident, and similar data breaches involving USB drives, many enterprises are looking for devices that integrate encryption and malware defenses.  The security features cannot be optional because employees will opt not to use them.  To that end, Kanguru has integrated 256-AES hardware encryption and real-time virus and malware scanning directly into the Kanguru Defender family of Secure USB flash drives.  Always-on security ensures that the USB flash drive is not the weakest link in your enterprise.

Written by Kanguru — October 31, 2012

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