11 Things You Can Do With Kanguru Defender Elite Encrypted Flash Drives

  1. Communicate security policy changes and updates directly to the drive and enforce changes as necessary via remote management.
  2. Audit drive usage to ensure policy updates.
  3. Create lists (whitelist/blacklist) of approved IP ranges so that drives are only used in trusted locations.
  4. Track device usage and location via IP addresses.
  5. Set a master password for administrator access.
  6. Immunize any PC or Laptop with Defender Elite's onboard Anti-Virus.
  7. Disable and/or delete devices that have been lost or stolen.
  8. Meet regulatory requirements through the use of a verifiable security audit trail.
  9. Track device activity on each workstation/computer using Kanguru USB Device Control.
  10. Revoke drive access to former employees still in possession of their drives.  (Particularly useful if their drive contains proprietary company info.)
  11. Sleep well knowing that 100% of your data is secure!

Written by Kanguru — October 31, 2012

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