Integrated anti-virus and malware protection for the Kanguru Defender Elite encrypted flash drive will be going live next week.  All Defender Elite drives will come standard with a one-year A/V subscription.  Defender Elite drives that have already been purchased can be updated to include the new A/V functionality by using the "Check for Updates" menu option.  Contact Kanguru for further info.

In the next few days, Kanguru will be announcing a strategic partnership with one of the industry's leading antivirus vendors.  This partnership combines the expertise of two data security leaders to create one of the world's most secure flash drives.

Malware delivered by USB devices is becoming one of the biggest concerns for Public-Sector and Business security professionals.  We've highlighted some of the risks here and here.



Please note: This is an archived blog post.  Some information may be outdated, or may no longer be applicable. Please feel free to contact Kanguru Solutions for the latest updates, or for more information at 1 (508) 376-4245 or email us at

Written by Kanguru Solutions — October 31, 2012

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