A recent NY Times story on the Google - China confrontation mentions an increasingly common attack using USB flash drives to load malware.

Often, malware infections are a result of high-tech twists on old-fashioned cons. One scam, for example, involves small U.S.B. flash drives, left in a company parking lot, adorned with the company logo. Curious employees pick them up, put them in their computers and open what looks like an innocuous document. In fact, once run, it is software that collects passwords and other confidential information on a user’s computer and sends it to the attackers.

USB malware is a serious problem and Kanguru highly recommends using endpoint security to defend against these types of attacks.  Portable flash drives may cause security concerns, but blocking them altogether can reduce worker productivity and cause major inconveniences.  Endpoint security is an easy way to allow limited flash drive usage and still keep out unauthorized devices.  That is why Kanguru has built USB Device Control directly into its Remote Management Console.  Now organizations can remotely manage their secure devices and lockdown all others from one integrated console.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — October 31, 2012

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