One of the lessons that can be drawn from last week's massive flash drive recall is the importance of central management.  Right now many organizations are scrambling to retrieve their formerly secure flash drives from all over the globe.  Little thought has gone into things like patch management, because thumb drives have not been treated the same way as other information assurance products.  That may change after this incident.

Kanguru Remote Management Console allows Kanguru's Secure USB Drives to be updated remotely anywhere in the world.  Not only can you modify the security settings and password requirements, but the device firmware itself can be updated without physical possesion of the drive.  Audit logs keep track of which devices are up-to-date and which are out of compliance.  Administrators can even create automated actions to disable drives that have not checked in for updates within a certain period of time.

Central management is key to lowering the overall cost of ownership when you factor in costly compliance issues and helpdesk support.  Now we can add security updates to the list of cost savings.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — October 31, 2012

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