A USB memory stick containing sensitive Royal Navy data was found near the docks in Northern Ireland last week.  The data on the device included personnel information as well as restricted information related to naval operations.

Detectives are currently examining the memory stick to determine who the device belongs to and whether any data was copied.  This is one of the main reasons that Kanguru recommends that organizations take a more proactive approach to managing USB devices.  With centralized control in place, authorities could find the device owner with a few mouse clicks.  Audit logs would show where and when the device was connected, and forced hardware encryption would ensure that no sensitive data falls in the wrong hands.

As The Guardian points out, this type of security breach could have dangerous consequences:

Security sources said that, given the current level of threat from republican dissidents, any lapse was serious, as they have previously targeted not only police and troops but other members of the UK's armed forces.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — October 31, 2012

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