A new report from Microsoft highlights the threat from malware that automatically loads from USB flash drives.

The Washington Post Security Fix has a good summary:

In its latest "Security Intelligence Report," Microsoft counted the number of threats detected by its anti-malware desktop products, and found that the Conficker worm, along with a Trojan horse program called Taterf which steals passwords and license keys for popular computer games, were detected on 5.21 million and 4.91 million Windows computers, respectively.

Kanguru takes the autorun threat very seriously and is designing its secure flash drives to counter the risk.  The Defender Elite encrypted flash drive features a secure vault that launches Kanguru's encryption application.  The vault cannot be altered by hackers or used to launch autorun attacks.  In addition, Defender Elite will soon feature an onboard anti-virus/anti-malware scanner that will check all files that are stored on the device.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — October 31, 2012

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