London Evening Standard:  A computer virus crippled a London council for weeks after a worker accidentally plugged an infected memory stick into a computer.  The emergency recovery has cost £501,000 (~ $820,000) thus far.

Lib-Dem councillor Gary Malcolm, who is also an IT specialist, said: “I will be calling for heads to roll. Half a million pounds is a hell of a lot of money to throw away at a time the council says it is strapped for cash. If this had happened in a private company, people would be sacked.”

USB flash drives are a popular vehicle for delivering malware onto computer networks and the threat needs to be taken seriously.  This incident is similar in nature to last week's mysterious laptops that the FBI is now investigating.

Defender Elite, the next generation secure drive from Kanguru, will feature onboard anti-virus scanning to prevent malware from getting anywhere near your USB ports.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — October 31, 2012

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