Kanguru's newly enhanced Administrator Tool is a stand-alone control panel that allows IT Administrators to customize the settings and policies on Kanguru Defender, Defender Elite and Bio AES encrypted flash drives.  The Administrator tool can be used to configure and provision drives or program them to be remotely managed with KRMC.

Configurable options include:

  • Password strength and policies
  • Master Password
  • Number of Invalid Login Attempts before Lockout or Device Deletion
  • Password reset options
  • IP Range restrictions (Limit access only to approved workstations)
  • Setting up secure communication with KRMC

The full press release is available here (PDF).

The proliferation of flash drives in today's business environment is difficult for IT Administrators to get a handle on.  Kanguru Administrator Tool is the first step in taking control of security policies for portable devices.

Written by Kanguru Solutions — October 31, 2012

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