Over the past several years, many organizations have switched from basic USB flash drives to a standardized solution using secure flash drives that automatically encrypt data.  This move has been prompted by security concerns about data breaches, which now come with substantial financial penalties due to new regulations.  While the data is more secure, the organization may be adding burdens on the IT Helpdesk and support teams.  Users forget their passwords, employees come and go, and devices periodically need firmware updates.  Enter Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC), an IT Admin's best friend.  KRMC was designed with these issues in mind, helping to ease the Helpdesk burden and reduce IT costs by centralizing the management on an organization's entire fleet of Kanguru flash drives.

KRMC and Password Support

Forgotten passwords are a regular occurrence in most organizations - according to studies, 30% of all helpdesk calls are related to password resets.  With most password-protected flash drives, the user is out of luck and will lose their data.  Some secure flash drives provide the Admin with a tool to recover drives, but the Admin needs to have physical possession of the device or provide a reset code over the phone (time intensive and vulnerable to social engineering attacks).  KRMC establishes a secure communication link between the device and admin console, allowing the Helpdesk to reset a user password from any location.  Even if an Admin and User are on opposites sides of the globe, the Admin can remotely reset the password without ever touching the drive.

Lower cost of Ownership

Kanguru's KRMC platform reduces overall support costs beyond user password management.  KRMC can remotely update administrator passwords, automatically change and enforce security policies, and push new firmware updates out to all devices.  When the Admin creates a new action, the drive will automatically connect and update itself the next time that it is plugged in.  Your IT support team can set it and forget it.  Full featured reporting and auditing tools provide a record of drive usage and admin actions.

While encrypted flash drives are making portable data more secure, Kanguru allows you to increase security without hurting the bottom line.

Written by Kanguru — October 31, 2012

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