PC Magazine has given the Kanguru e-Flash four stars in a recent review.

It excelled even more with eSATA, with a 26.4-MBps write speed—an 86 percent boost in average write speed over USB 2.0. Read speeds jumped 27 percent to 32 MBps over eSATA.

View the speed test results here.

For a round-up of e-Flash reviews, see our previous post.  Last year, Kanguru Defender was reviewed with an early version of Kanguru Remote Management Console at Tom's Hardware.

UPDATE (4/14/09):  Government Computer News has also published a review of the Kanguru e-Flash.


Performance: A+
Ease of Use: B
Features: A
Value: A


 It looks ordinary at first but use it to transfer a gigabyte or two of data and you’ll realize that it almost has super powers.



Written by Kanguru — October 31, 2012

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